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Architectural Firm

Conveying the image that fully projects YOUR message -- Photos, graphics, strong design and well-written copy give your company the impact you need in a competitive market.
This innovative architectural firm based its designs and concepts on the Golden Mean and feng shui before feng shui became a commonly-used term. The first priority was to study the Golden Mean and feng shui to determine the best way to demonstrate the harmony and balance inherent in the two concepts...and the natural synergy between these Western and Eastern design approaches.
We determined that we wanted every aspect of their marketing materials to reflect nature, the Golden Mean and feng shui. The size of each piece was based on the ratio of the Golden Mean because it resulted in the most pleasing visual impact. The swirl and rectangular ratio was repeated in the cover art of the three-panel die-cut pocket folder.
The feng shui symbol was set in the first swirl of the Golden Mean with pictures of a number of their projects being set in the gracefully expanding swirls that are seen in nature from the tiniest seashell up through plants, flowers, the human form and on up to the awesome magnificence of galaxies.
Insets of other projects with very brief descriptions were incorporated into the inside art of the die-cut folder. Individual brochures were created for their various projects expanding on the use of the Golden Mean combined with feng shui and the beautiful natural synergy that results when the twain does meet!
The project was designed to print 4-color, 2 sides, on a 40 inch sheet-fed press and the cutting die was designed for a flatbed letter press.

Historic Real Estate Development

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Attract Home Buyers -- Layout, Design, Photography and Copywriting all combine to give you the edge you need.
This 12-unit townhome project was the first new development to be built in a historic neighborhood in South Philadelphia. The pre-construction price of these 4-level units started at $600,000.
It was the desire of the marketing company that the brochure feature the unique floor plans, the many neighborhood attractions and events, the historical significance of the area and the convenient location to other areas of metropolitan Philadelphia. All this was accomplished using a combination of excellent photography and appealing, concise copy.
This project was designed to run 2 sides on a 40-inch, 4-color sheet-fed press.





The Twain SHALL Meet!
The Golden Mean of the West and Feng Shui of the East combine in a most beautiful synergy of harmony and balance in the architecture and in the printing design







History and Elegance
Beautiful townhomes in a nostalgic, historic neighborhood are showcased with excellent photography and appealing, concise copy