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External AND Internal Customers

Our customers are our lifeblood, our reason for existence, right? No one in business will ever argue with that stance. Where the Aspen Paradigm comes into play is in recognizing and fully identifying ALL of our customers. Our EXTERNAL customers are those businesses and consumers who purchase the goods and services produced by our businesses. This is the conventional definition of customers and the basic concept doesn't need to be explained. Just as critical, just as essential to the well-being of our businesses are our INTERNAL customers. These are the customers who are, typically, completely unacknowledged in the conventional business paradigm. TOP

Incentivize Our External Customers

Our conventional EXTERNAL customers purchase from us for various reasons. At the lowest level, they purchase our goods and services because we are one of many suppliers they can use, we just happen to be the cheapest. While we accept these customers ~ their money's as good as anyone's ~ they are very tenuous...They'll leave us the minute another supplier comes along with a two-cent-lower price tag! Our highest-level customers are with us because they recognize the value of the relationship they have with us far exceeds whatever price they pay for the goods and services they purchase from us ~ THIS is the Aspen Paradigm! By recognizing and incentivizing this type of relationship we can graft many more of our external customers into our aspen grove and strengthen and expand this powerful Aspen Paradigm! Contact me today because in just 15 minutes we can determine if the INCENTIVIZATION tools I have in my little "tool box" will grow and strengthen YOUR aspen grove. || SEND AN EMAIL NOW! || TOP

Reward Our Internal Customers

INTERNAL customers? Our conventional paradigm has no terminology that relates to this concept. Customers are those individual consumers and businesses that purchase the goods and services produced by OUR businesses, right? Indeed, those are the external customers we addressed above. But we are entering a NEW paradigm...the Aspen Paradigm. In this ingenious paradigm we view employees, contractors, service providers... as vital, potent grafts in our aspen grove. Just as we incentivize our external customers to strengthen those relationships, the Aspen Paradigm recognizes and REWARDS those INTERNAL customers that are the heart and soul of our businesses...critical to providing the absolute best product, service and relationship to our EXTERNAL customers! That little "tool box" that I talked about ~ I have some REWARDS ideas to share with you to fortify and invigorate the relationships with the INTERNAL customers in your aspen grove! || SEND AN EMAIL NOW! || TOP



Incentivize External Customers
Our highest-level customers recognize the value of the relationship they have with us far exceeds the price they pay us



Reward Internal Customers
Employees, contractors, service providers... are vital, potent grafts in our aspen grove