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Together we will evaluate all aspects of your needs, budget and time constraints. You have access to over 35 years of experience in the development and design of marketing materials. You will find a number of different types of marketing materials in this area because it's important for you to be able to see different types and styles of materials.

MAKING YOU LOOK GOOD ON PAPER is a professional passion. This began over 30 years ago, not as a passion but as a very pragmatic choice of what type of business to go into. During the time I was trying to make this decision,
I happened upon a quarterly report for Gates Rubber Company. In that report was a quote from the founder: Provide essentials FOR essentials.
That statement really struck a cord with me and got me thinking about what I, as a small, low-budget, startup business could do along those same lines. After a great deal of soul searching...or more accurately, after close observation of businesses of all sizes and thing finally became glaringly obvious: EVERY BUSINESS, NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR HOW SMALL, NEEDS ONE THING FROM DAY ONE AND FOR EVERY DAY OF ITS EXISTENCE ~ INK ON PAPER for business cards, stationery, forms, handouts, image pieces, etc., etc.
That very practical decision has given me the incredible opportunity to work with and learn about literally hundreds of different types of businesses and thousands of wonderful business people over the years! I have so enjoyed the opportunities to learn about all these different businesses because it fed my insatiable interest in everything around me...thus growing into a passion! || SEND AN EMAIL NOW! || TOP



Geri Zahner Heasly




~ Multi-source research to verify and corroborate data
~ In-depth research of varied and complex material and distilling most pertinent information for communication to targeted audiences.
~ Research, writing, design, photography and developing verbiage, materials and methods to address specifically-identified areas of opportunity for marketing materials
~ Interviewing skills honed to focus on eliciting relevant information
~ Identifying the most urgent and/or the most feasible areas of opportunity and implementing methods to capitalize on those areas
~ Efficiently meeting deadlines
~ Coordination of multiple organizations to complete projects through effective communication
~ Adept at quickly learning, retaining and applying complex technical information; able to adapt to and implement new programs and concepts