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Priority #1 ~ Answering ALL Your Questions

Geri Zahner


First I want to say Welcome and tell you a little about myself. I am a Denver native and my grandkidlets are fifth generation Coloradans! It is my firm belief that the Front Range is one of the most beautiful places on God's green Earth and the people who live here are the nicest you will find anywhere!

I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of wonderful people in a number of different capacities, many of which are reflected on this website. Over the years, I have found that the most important elements of providing the very best service is for me to carefully LISTEN! You, and ONLY you, know what your concerns are and my primary responsibility is to help you get each of your concerns answered to your full satisfaction.

Call me because I WILL answer ALL your questions.. TOP

FHA Loans

This is the single most popular loan program in the country because the requirements are especially geared to the First-Time Homebuyer but it is available to anyone who meets the requirements

You are planning to buy a home, condo or manufactured home.
You've had a stable job for the past three years.
You have 3.5% of the purchase price available for the down payment.
This home will be your principal residence. TOP

VA Loans

This program was designed to provide American Military Veterans and their surviving (not remarried) spouses with low-interest, no down payment required loans in order to purchase a home. TOP

Buying Foreclosures

There are no secrets to buying a HUD, VA or bank-owned foreclosure. Some of these homes need a substantial amount of work, others are in beautiful move-in condition. Pricing may or may not be less than a similar home in the same area.

You may have heard of "short sales" ~ In this instance the owner of the home is working with their lender in order to prevent the home from going into foreclosure and the lender will be the one who accepts or rejects whatever offer you make on the home. TOP

The information on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not tax, financial or any other advice. Each individual must consult with their own professional advisors regarding their specific circumstances. TOP



Tax Credits
You can qualify and receive these tax credits IN FULL as a refund even if you have no tax liability